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Our Umbrella Services, or how we can help with your contracting life.

At I-PAYE, we have listened to you and are changing the game.

In association with Professional Passport members, we have concluded that freelance professionals and temporary workers require more than a ‘one service fits all’ approach from their umbrella company provider.

We are therefore happy to introduce something that is part of a real revolution.

We have SIX distinct services for contractors working on UK assignments which are tailored to ensure you only pay for what you need while ensuring you receive a first-class scheme.

And this is not all! We also offer a range of services for contractors going to work overseas or coming to work to the UK; you can see I-PAYE's International Employment Services Guide by clicking here.



Our Umbrella Services


For contractors with limited or no expenses but who must operate through an umbrella company.


For those who would benefit from the use of an umbrella company and simply travel from home to a temporary work location each day.


For contractors who want the most from their umbrella provider as they may be staying away from home, looking to set up a pension scheme or have complex personal tax affairs.

If you are unsure which is right for you, please read our full service notes in the ‘our services’ section.

Alternatively, give one of our experts a call or pop into our offices for a chat.

No matter which scheme is best for you, we want our services to cost you absolutely nothing, taking into account allowances. 


To comply with the new Onshore Intermediary Legislation from 6th April 2014 we now offer two separate solutions for individuals providing labour in the construction industry on a temporary basis: I-CONSTRUCT Self-Employed and I-CONSTRUCT Umbrella.


Services created especially to meet contractors working on temporary driving assignments.


Our bespoke service for those who work within Power Generation and Energy Sectors.


We are committed to satisfying stringent tests applied by Professional Passport and APSCo to ensure that while being fully compliant with UK Managed Service Companies requirements, we also provide a high quality customer experience.

We only pay income to contractor employees as employment income (salary, holiday pay and expenses), which ensures that employees, agencies and end clients are protected from any risk under the Assignment of Debt provisions.

We do not use any employee benefit trusts, offshore arrangements, shares or similar schemes to avoid UK Income Tax and/or UK National Insurance.

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