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Working within the Power Generation and Energy Sector offers guaranteed rates of payment for:

  • Standard Hours

  • Overtime A

  • Overtime B

  • Travel Time and Expenses

  • Radius

  • Lodge Allowance

I-PAYE has put in place an add on to its standard services, as listed below, that enables us to take the rates build and then put in place remuneration package that better reflects the actual costs incurred on a day to day basis.

I-TRAVEL if you incur travel costs to and from site.

I-LODGE if you stay away from your normal home during the week.

This service enhancement can also be used on sites covered by yard agreements and is provided at no extra cost.


National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage Pledge

As with all our service I-PAYE is committed to the payment of the National Minimum Wage and from 6 April 2016 the National Living Wage together with all the rights and entitlements that come from being employed.

To satisfy our obligations to you as an employee we require a minimum bill rate and these can be viewed here.


Best Advice

To discuss your personal circumstances and to see whether becoming an employee of I-PAYE is best for you then contact a member of our team on 0151 449 3500 or email info@i-paye.com.

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