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Claiming Expenses

How does it work?

An umbrella company like I-PAYE works by taking on people through an overarching contract of employment which covers all assignments that he or she will undertake.

A fundamental procedure in working for an umbrella company like I-PAYE is the payment or reimbursement of travel, subsistence and other allowable expenses.

A typical umbrella company would allow for the reimbursement of the following expenses free of Income Tax and/or National Insurance, subject to certain qualifying criteria.

  • Travel to and from the temporary work location
  • Daily subsistence
  • Essential tools
  • Professional subscriptions
  • Travel to and from temporary accommodation
  • Evening subsistence
  • Company pension contributions
  • Business expenses incurred on behalf of the end client

Expense Submission

I-PAYE operates a strict policy on checking that expense claims comply with our HMRC dispensation.

In many cases we require supporting receipts to verify that the expense was incurred.

We typically require expenses to be submitted 48 hours prior to the processing of the relevant payment.

If you are unlikely to either qualify for this or have no wish to submit expenses then our I-TEMP Service may be the best option for you.

Watch our video now to understand more about expenses! It's easy, quick, and it answers many of the frequently asked questions about how expenses work while going through an umbrella company. 

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