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Drivers Negligence Insurance


Insurance Overview


Limits of Liability are

  • £10,000 each and every claim
  • £50,000 in the aggregate any one period of Insurance

 Driver Negligence carries an excess of £750.00


Driver Negligence Explained:

It does NOT cover damage or injury to third parties or their vehicles / property due to traffic accidents.  This must be covered under a separate vehicle insurance policy. 

As we do not own the vehicle then we cannot put this in place.

  • Only covers damage to the vehicle being driven by the worker provided by I-PAYE.
  • The first £750.00 of any claim must be settled by the end user client as this puts them in the position they would be if the worker was directly hired by them.
  • The contract between the agency / client and agency / I-PAYE must include a clause to confirm that the Insurance has been extended to include Driver Negligence.
  • No claim can be made for any periods for which the worker is not employed by I-PAYE or has not been accepted by I-PAYE as an employee. 

 Qualifying Conditions: 

  • Must be 21 years or older
  • Must hold a full UK Driving Licence, clear of endorsements (excluding speeding and / or parking offences up to a maximum of nine points)
  • Must have worked as a driver for a least 180 days within the previous 24 months.

 Qualifying Vehicles: 

  • Does not include plant, lifting gear or fork-lift trucks, even if attached to the vehicle.


Full details will be provided upon request.


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